Details from yesterday

Top designed by Laura Laine for HM, NEW clutch Glitter, NEW scarf Gina Tricot, rings from L to R NYC, Smyckorama and a borrowing from my love. Nailpolish Depend nr. 223 and nailfoil in silver from Depend aswell.

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therese sörensen sa...

de va så lite! ja jag älskade dom :) tack söt!

Mamma sa...

Skitsnyggt!! Kram

sagalina sa...

i love your outfit, and that scarf is so cute!

Dilan Dilir sa...


Mary Lou sa...

wow i especially love your metallic nails and this really amazing clutch!

neli sa...

snyggt tjejen =)
hihi tack vännen! fifan, jag är så sjukt glad hihi =D

b.outlandish sa...

clutch or wallet? really looks like a wallet, lol.
i really like your 'detailed" post. cute nails and ring on the right-hand side is so fantastically lovely.