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Question from Lesli:
Hur gammal är du? Vadför du vill bli social worker? Translation: How old are your? Why do you want to become a socal worker?
Answer: Jag är 24 år och vill bli socionom för att jag alltid känt att jag vill arbeta med människor och att hjälpa de i olika faser av livet, genom att bli socionom är det precis det jag får göra!
Translation: Im 24 and Ive always known that I wanted to work with people, helping them thrue different fases of their life and as a social worker, thats exactley what Im able to to!
Question from Laila:
I would like to know how did you started to being a blogger, I know it's a normal question but there's a diferente story behind each person :)   Anwer: I started to blogg for about 2,5 years ago and at the beginning I didnt know what I wanted to wright about or if there was a special topic I wanted to adress. But I did know one thing, I sucked at documenting what I did all day long and I wanted to use the blog as a kind of reminder what Ive been up to and also as a push to take more pics. During this time my blogg has evovled into what it is today. A blogg mostly about fashion but also bits and pieces from my life.
Anonym Questions from Nyfiken :) :
1.Skorna som du köpt från Zara vad tänkte du ha för kläder till dem? Har tänkt köpa ett par liknande men vet inte vad jag ska ha dem till. 2.Hur speglar din stil din personlighet? :) Translation: The shoes that you got at Zara what were you palnning to wear with them? Im planning to buy a pair for myself but I dont know what to waer with them. 2. How does your style reflect you personality? :)
Answer: I have a whole lot of ideas how to style my new shoes. I would love to style them with a tulip skirt like this from Romwe. I would wear somthing oversized and white as a top, like a big tanktop with the holes for the arms would have been cut a bit bigger and a black top underneath it. Im also gonna wear them with my supertight black jeans and my pimped up bagy jeans. But since the heels colour and design is unusual and prominent I would cut of the jeans at anclelength or role up the legs so they shows. You can also match you lipstick colour to the fab. orange a definite hit! This up coming season is filled with a lot of colours so you can also wear it with a patterned skirt or trousers that brings out the colours of the shoe, or not and just match it for the fun of it, Im also planning on wearing it with my skirt from HM.
You can of course also wear the gorgeous shoes witha pair of really trashed denim just to style them down. On top you colour wear just about anything, denim, leather, colourful blazer a black one, you name it! Tough question but yeah I think my style reflects my personality, colourful, a mix depending on what mood and look Im going for that specific day. A bit crazy with some DIY-project, second hand bargains and new findings.
2. Vilka svenska bloggare inspireras du av? Tycker du att du har liknande stil som någon? Translation: Which swedish bloggers do you find inspirational? Do you think that you have a similar style to someone else?
These are just some of the once I follow, very inspirational! And may be my self-preception is bad but I dont recall seing anybody with a similiar style as me, and Im not trying to look like anybody else. But I get my inspiration from people on the street, my friends, bloggers and just from anything really, so I probably look like someone else but not anyone Ive seen yet.
Question from Liene:
Vad är ditt drömresemål?
Translation: Whats the destination of your dreams? Answer: This is a tough question, since I really want to visit the entire globe and probably would have traveled alot more if I wasnt studying. But if I have to pick one place or on trip it would be a roadtrip through USA, coast to coast.
Question from Rebecka: 
1. vart någonstans bor du? 2. om du fick beskriva din blogg med 3 ord, vilka skulle det vara? 3. om du fick beskriva dig själv med 3 ord, vilka skulle det vara? Translation: 1. Where do you live? 2. If you would describe your blogg with three words, what would they be? 3. If you would describe yourself with three words which would they be? Answer: I live in Gävle, Sweden. I would describe my blogg with: fashion, inspiration in all forms and my life in general. How would I describe myself... Hmmm... Outgoing, feisty and fun to be around.
Anonym Question from Neli:
          vilka bloggar följer du? =) favoritdesigner? vad inspireras du av? förebild?
Translation: What bloggs do you follow? Which one is your favourit designer? Any rolemodel? Answer: Oh dear I cant wright all the blogs I follow here but if you want some new tips you can always look into the right side of my blog under the title Bloggers in my Universe, there a whole bunch of fashion blogs. My favourite designer from this years spring fashion show to drop some names are, swedish designer:
 Ida Sjöstedt
Abroad designers:
Just to name a few. If I have any rolwmodel, hmmm, I dont know I admire people who stand up for them selfs, who dare to speak the truth and the once who stands up for justice. But I dont know if I have any rolemodel per say. But I do know that if I could meet any famous person today it would be Beyonce or Oprah, I really think they are inspirational people.
Anonym Question from Hannah <3 :
Because you love clothes so much. Have you always been interested in fashion? ;)
Answer: Yeah always in one way or another, always loved to play dress-up when I was little, loved makeup and loved to pick out my own cloths. Even when I had a period of being a tomboy when I was younger I knew what colours to wear and not.

Question from Jé:
Hi Linda! Well, i guess u can tell me anythnig about u, cuz i really don't know much about u! haha Tell me something like what is your favorite memory from your chilhood? And wich outfit do you like most? x x Answer: My favourite childhood memory, theres so many but I have some really good once from when we playd in the forrest outside our house. Also when I was little playing with my friends, christmas and just oh I cant choose. Im sorry! :)
 This is one of my favourite once but it´s hard to pic just one. Like the details, the colour, and the pattern mix on this.

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