Q & A

1. What is your favourite fruit juice? 
 Orange orange orange!
2. How long has it been since you last shaved your legs?
I don´t shave, I wax and maybe, hmm, 2 weeks ago or something. 
3. If I was stuck on an island ... (finish this sentence)
... I would probably evolve in to a fearless jungle amazon women or something..
4. What is the one thing you can never leave the house without?
I always need something for my lips otherwise I feel almost a bit panicy, I know its nothing to get panic about but thats just me. I especially like the one in the middle its a little miracleworker for your lips and you can find it in almost any drugstore.
5. What are your three biggest pet peeves?
I hate spiders, but since my girlfriend is more affraid then I am, I have to remove them, so its getting better. Hmm, otherwise Im not a big fan och any bug or anything thats crawl in large numbers and can get in your clothes. And Im not a huge fan of big dogs that I dont know either.
6. What was the pit and peak of your day?
Lets strat with the pit, Ihad a nightmare about my love, so I woke up feeling sad but the she held e 'til I felt better, that was sweeeet. The peak is always just being around her, kissing her and justbeing really.
7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I dont want to say, my mom reads my blog and, yeah... But if I say alot I dont think it would actually cover the real number ;)
I would love to have a shoe wardrobe like this one :)

8. When and why did you start your blog? 
To see the answer to this question click HERE
9. Would you rather kiss Lil' Wayne for 10 seconds or hold a snake for 10 seconds?
I could do either one of them but since Im in a relationship I would hold the snake. I like snakes so it wouldn't bother me, I have nothing against Lil' Wayne either.

10. Who is your favourite person in the whole wide world? 
I have a whole bunch of favourite persons but the one that makes me the most happy it this girl.
 She always makes me smile!
11. Are you a coffee or tea person? 
 Guess? ;)
/ Questions from Ess

3 kommentarer:

Mesmerize sa...

nice post:) I alo love orange juice:) thank you for visit me:)

Prencezz sa...

I would the Same shoe wardobe, too :*

Ess here! sa...

You and your girlfriend look so cute together!! But poor you you have to take care of the spiders haha!

Thanks for answering :)