Chains and borrowings

NEW IN Chain belt from Gina Tricot, nailpolish Starry night The Body Shop, watch borrowed from honey.

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Joyce sa...

The chain belt is so awesome, love the watch too :)

Fabrizia sa...

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Fabrizia sa...
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✪ Joan Milenia ✪ sa...

hello ! thanks for your comment on my blog,
i love tis post :)
cool photos :)

Lucyle sa...

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Déborah Neves Galvão sa...

oii, bom diia :)
adorei o post
beijoos, bom domingaao!

Mitha Komala sa...

omg the belt is amazing for real! i love the color of the pants too <3




E L I N F E L I C I A S sa...


- ja verkligen :)