New black

New color in my bangs

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Mischa Karo sa...

sv. precis hatar när vissa åker på ett bananskal!

snygg du e i lugg!

aldara camoiras sa...

hi!! you have a nice blog, your pics are great, i follow you since now ;)
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Maria Flicka sa...

Woww...awesome black & white photo :)


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Francesca Romana Capizzi sa...

Gorgeous hair!
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Vale ♥ sa...

Hehe, you are so right, I thought I wasn't following on bloglovin cause I follow many blogs but I checked and I am already following on google and also on bloglovin ! Kisses and thank you sweetie !

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Annika sa...

Så himla läckert!

Laxmi Gurung sa...

Hey there' thank you so much for the lovely comment (: Would you mind if we follow eachother ? Love your bangs <3

Karina De Jesus sa...

looks great. this is a very lovely shot!