Leafwork in the backyard

Maxi dress, top and necklace from HM, studded shoes from Scorett

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Annika sa...

Riktigt läcker skärning på kjolen!

Mitha Komala sa...

i am so in love with your shoes and necklace dear! you look gorgeous and rad =) xx

Letters To Juliet

becks sa...

love your skirt - it looks so comfy and chic!


Felicia sa...

Du. Är. Cool.

SV: taack finadu, haft det toppen och drar snart iväg igen!!


Mitha Komala sa...

thanks for the lovely comment dear! i cant wait for your next lovely post =) xx

Letters To Juliet

Anonym sa...

That's a picturesque yard.

Carmen sa...

Nice outfit, I like the maxi!

Ashley sa...

I LOVE LOVE those shoes!!!!!!!
Ashley from isoldmycookiecutter.com